20 Things That Make Me Happy

1 - The smell and anticipation of a freshly opened bag of Funyuns


2 - Waking up early to enjoy a few moments of complete silence

3 - A peaceful hike on a nice sunny day

4 - The smell and look of a newly mowed lawn


5 - The humid smell in the morning after it rained all night (reminds me of how the farm smells)

6 - Finishing a goal early and having time to relax and enjoy what I’ve accomplished

7 - Going shooting with family


8 - Watching the kids grow up and seeing how much they have learned and watching their individual personalities begin to show

9 - Dad’s hash browns

10 - Starting a painting with absolutely no sense of direction or what I want it to be (recognize the painting in the video?)


11 - Fresh baked bread & broccoli soup

12 - Paying off all of my debts and becoming financially successful to help build a lasting legacy for future generations of our family

13 - Hearing a song that reminds me of my childhood (even when it’s the super creepy ‘I am a Child of God’ popping up in my online radio)

14 - Going on vacations with family

15 - Exploring places I have never been before

16 - Laughing uncontrollably


17 - Playing cards and games with friends and family (some games and family members excluded)

18 - Going to Chuck-E-Cheese with Dad & the Kids

19 - A long, hot shower at the end of a stressful day


20 - Relaxing in a freshly cleaned house with nothing else on the to-do list

21 - Making other people smile (or cower in fear while I yell at them, both bring equal happiness)

22 - Eating at my favorite Thai restaurant with people I care about


Question: If someone gave you $100 and told you that you had to give it away but you could NOT give it to your immediate family, what would you do with it?

 - This is a fairly easy one to answer.  I always get satisfaction out of knowing I helped someone truly in need (not the homeless guy on the corner with his BMW parked 30 yards away).  The real issue here is finding that person.  Something I don't get the chance to do often, but enjoy when the opportunity is presented is going out to eat on a holiday, or super late at night, and getting a waitress that is 8 months pregnant.  This is the type of person that is truly in need, and if I can afford to eat out, I can afford to help out.  This is where a really large tip (like the $100 from the question) comes in.  The main part is making sure you are gone before they find the tip.  It's not really a good deed if you wait around for praise.